International transport


International transport - relations across Europe

Transport of groupage loads, ADR
Transport of partial and complete loads
GSM & GPS connection to cars
Transport of fuels in tanks

Transport of load with large volumes
Transport third countries
27 trucks certified by standard EURO 6
48 count compositions DAF 105 XF  EURO 5
4 count EURO 3
1 tank 32 000 litеrs - 2 sections / UN1202; UN1203


Transport Relations

Germany, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland

Международен транспорт - автобаза Румяна Хинкова


We operate in over 15 European countries

To be preferred partner for international transport, we are implementing logistics in the most European countries.

Meet our logistics

It means to make your work easier.
Means that every load which is serviced by us arrives exactly where  it should be and at the right time.

Last but not least - optimized transport costs.

This means that with proper logistics you have opportunity to develop and expand your business and that help you in critical moments.


  • Fast Worldwide delivery

    From Europe to Asutralia, by air or sea? We offer fast, reliable and accurate worldwide delivery directly to your doors, factory and warehouses.

  • End-to-end solution available

    From 2015 Trucking offers new service - we are now offering end-to-end solutions using multiple transportation means and covering all supply chain from the origin to the destination.

  • Safety & Compliance

    Safety of your cargo is one of our top priorities. Every package is handled with most care by our trained and high skilled personnel. You can be sure that your cargo will travel and arrive safely.

Международен транспорт - автобаза Румяна Хинкова